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Charles F Scott IV

1965 1986 1.4 x tc 5x7 8x10 a10 abandoned abandoned structure abandoned structures african elephant air show albino alligator alliance alliance texas alliance tx alligator allis chalmers american bittern american coot american goldfinch american white ibis american white pelican amish annie's auditorium apache arkansas b2 b25 michell b25 mitchell b52w back section bald cypress bald cypress knees bald eagle barbie iii barksdale afb barred owl bay view park bear island bear island sc bear stadium beaver belted kingfisher berne big cypress bayou big sandy bird bison black and white blue heron blue jay bossier city bown headed cow bird brown headed cow bird buggy bw caddo lake caddo lake national wildlife refuge caddo lake state park caldwell zoo california canon 7d capuchin monkey cardinal carter's lake carters lake cave centennial park center furnace charles f. scott iv charleston cheeta chipping sparrow cityscape cliff swallow clingmans dome cockpit colobus monkey colorado coronado cottontop tamarin crested screamer crowned crane crowned heron cumberland falls cumberland falls state park cumberland river danica patrick danica patrick's nose dario franchitti deer doublecrested cormorant dragonfly dredge duck ducklings ducks eagle falls eas texas east texas eastern kingbird ef 100 400 ef 100 400l ef 28 300 ef 28 300l efs 10 18 efs 18 135 efs 18 55 efs 28 300l egret elk elk and bison prairie energy lake english mountain estes park ev mag events extraordinary vision magazine f15e f16 f18a f22 falcon fall fall colors female female peafowl fence post ferrell's bridge dam ferrells bridge dam fire truck flamingo flood flowers folly beach fort wayne fort wayne children's zoo fort worth frog front section futuro house giant salvinia giraffe golden eagle great blue heron great egret great horned owl grebe green heron haggerty creek hay rake hdr helio castroneves heron high quality hilton head honda hot springs hot springs mountain tower house house finch ibis immature crowned crane immature white ibis in focus indiana international irl joey logano johnson's ranch marina juvenile kasey kahne kayak kentucky kentucky dam king vulture lake malone lake o the pines lake o' the pines lake tawakoni land between the lakes landscape leopard lincoln lion lioness litter little blue heron loin loretto lotus blossum louisiana m2 browning ma deuce maker's mark distillery male mallard duck marsh martini metamorphosis middle section mill pond mims chapel moon moraine park mossy brake moulting nascar nature center newfound gap night nightscape north carolina nova oil city oil derrick oil field equipment old folks playground osprey owl pacific prowler paint brush painted turtle panorama parrot peahen pelican people pie billed grebe piebilled grebe pier pileated woodpecker places plain bellied water snake point 65 n potter's point raccoon raptor rebar red bellied woodpecker red shouldered hawk redeared slider reelfoot lake rhinoceros ring tailed lemur rinoceros river otter rock rocky mountain national park roseate spoonbill royse city rusty metal san diego saw saw mill pond school bus scottage iii sea gull shady glade shop skyline smokey mountain national park smokey mountains south carolina south carolina aquarium space ship spanish moss spider spring sprit of alliance squirrel squirrel monkey starr ranch stingray sunrise sunset supermoon tamron 18 400mm f3.5 6.3 di ii vc hld tandem tandem canoe tennesee tennessee texas texas motor speedway the scottage thunderbirds tiger tiger creek tony kanaan tony stewart tool shed tricolored heron tripod tufted titmouse turbine prop turkey turtle turtles tyler tyler texas uncertain uncertain texas underwood urbex usaf thunderbirds vulture w speed patrol grader w. mountain drive warthog waterfall weathered white cockatoo white tail white tiger whitetailed deer wild turkey wildebeest wildlife winter plumage wood duck wood stork workshop wrench yellow crowned night heron yellow throated warbler zebra
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